EPS is 100% recyclable - over and over again
EPS is 100% recyclable

We’re leading the change to a circular economy in our industry, and we have the sustainable solutions you’re looking for


EPS can be recycled indefinitely

The material keeps its properties in the recycling process.


We manage the entire chain

A key factor in finding better, lighter, safer and more sustainable solutions.


Our closed loop system

We take total responsibility by collecting, processing and reusing recycled EPS.

Plastics aren’t necessarily unsustainable

They’re an important part of society, and in many cases, we’d find it hard to live without them. The problem arises when we throw away plastics, burn them or put them in a landfill. That’s when it becomes waste and at the same time a burden to the environment. We aim to erase that completely – by taking responsibility for collecting and recycling what we manufacture.

A finely tuned orchestra

All our divisions work together to collect, recycle and reuse used EPS. But they’re also constantly searching for areas of improvement that can lead to new, sustainable innovations. The reason is that everyone who works at BEWI is committed to lead the change towards a circular economy, and we are. Every day.

We’ll take care of your waste

We collect and recycle thousands of tonnes of EPS and turn it into raw material for new products. This is dependent on you because, without your help, it’s hard for us to retain the used EPS and recycle it. To make sure we do, we’re happy to setup a system for collecting used material that suits your business. We’re flexible and dedicated to find sustainable solutions that meet your needs.


The sustainable products you want, when you need them

Henrik Ekvall

Managing Director Circular

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Joachim L Haarstad

Trading Manager & Business Support

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