Recycled Inside

Recycled Inside is the result of BEWI’s ambition towards a circular economy
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Breaking new ground

We are the first in the industry to close the loop and produce EPS from 100% recycled material.


Lower emissions

When EPS is recycled, CO2 emissions are reduced by 39%* compared to producing virgin EPS.


What goes around comes around

EPS is 100% recyclable. We collect all EPS we use in order to produce new packaging and insulation.

We will lead the change

The industry needs to become circular. At BEWI, we’re determined to lead that change, and we have a couple of landmarks that support the claim. For one we have closed the loop by producing EPS made from 100% reused material: Recycled Inside. We also collect EPS waste from building sites, industries and shops to make new EPS products from it.

Our new EPS is just waste

We try to recycle as much as possible, and we’re improving from one day to the next. As our customer, you can already choose from a full range of sustainable insulation solutions through Recycled Inside. The menu includes boards in various dimensions as well as foundation systems and much more. Recycled Inside has first-rate thermal properties and is itself 100% recyclable, just like all other EPS. It consists of 98% air, which makes it extremely light. That, in turn, means low CO2 emissions when it’s transported.


Sustainability is at the core of our innovation, both for materials and product development.
We strive to offer solutions ranging further than product delivery, and rather have a circular approach. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with solutions from recycled material, extending the sustainable benefits.

Make your company circular

Every part of BEWI works together to collect and recycle EPS waste. Your company can be part of this closed loop. The used or surplus material is sent back in reusable return bags. When these are filled, the bags are returned to the factory, where the recycling process starts. The bags are easy to handle and available in two sizes, 1,8m3 and 2,5m3.

We don’t act our size

Although we’re one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of EPS, we aim to act like we’re a small company. With us as your partner, you get access to the full power of our operation and our pioneering sustainable solutions. You will also feel our dedication to help you find the optimal solution for your business. We’re happy to listen to your needs and can offer both standard and custom made solutions, that we’ll develop together with your team.

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