Plastic film recycling

Recycle your plastic film scraps and become more sustainable

Some plastic materials don’t always get recycled— we would like to change that. That’s why we offer plastic film recycling.

Let’s do better!

Plastic bags, the wrap around your food or your goods—plastic film is everywhere, but it can be recycled!

Contrary to popular belief, plastic film (polyethylene, polypropylene) doesn’t have to end up in a landfill with assorted household waste. It can be recycled, just like EPS and other useful packaging materials.

At BEWI, we take pride in collecting your transparent plastic wraps, bags, and other clean plastic film material . We help them find new life as for example composite lumber, greenhouses or simply a new plastic bag.

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How it works

By visiting you on-site, we can work out the best waste management solution for your needs.

The solution might depend on the quality of your waste (like how contaminated it is), how much waste you have, and if it’s all the same kind of waste, or a mixed batch.

In some cases, our proposed solution will include a compactor that you can easily use on-site. This will make the waste more cost-efficient to transport. Also, we will pay good money for any clean, compacted natural plastic film.

Pay premium for recycled

We’d like to take a moment to make a case for using more recycled plastics in the production line. Even though it raises the product price of new goods.

LDPE can be a bit trickier to recycle than other materials because it is easily contaminated by different colors, materials, and organic residue like food. That makes this kind of recycled plastic a little more expensive to use in production, but that does not mean it’s not worth the effort.

For our part, we don’t think of plastic recycling as just recycling, but rather upcycling—using recycled materials is a badge of pride. And saving the world is always worth a little extra effort.

Why recycle your plastic film?

We all know why recycling is a good thing, but it never hurts to be reminded. So, here are a few reasons to recycle with BEWI:

• It’s good for the environment

• It buys a lot of goodwill from the public

• It brings you closer to the 2030 CO2 reduction goals

• It’s safe, since we know what we’re doing

• It’s a win-win solution