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Our medical products meet the highest requirements for insulation and shock absorption and can be combined with different cooling agents


Powerful insulation

Maintains the temperature at safe levels


2.9 billion of drugs ordered or provided 2019

EPS packaging keeps the medicine safe and secure


Protects against shocks and vibrations

EPS has an unmatched ability to absorb shocks and vibrations


Light and stackable

Makes storage, handling and transport easier


-70 degrees celsius. That’s sometimes the temperature necessary to maintain in order to transport vaccines safely. Considering what’s at stake, there’s little room for failure. We have products specifically designed to insulate vaccines during transport and keep the temperature where it needs to be. They also protect against shocks and vibrations and are available in several shapes and sizes. We’re also happy to provide custom designs that suit your specific needs. We’ll support you through the entire process.

Cooling boxes

They guard against sudden temperature changes, provide an even climate and make sure that what they’re carrying arrives safely to its destination. Our medical cooling boxes are often used to transport different kinds of medicines and blood bags. These boxes also protect what’s inside from outside contamination, and the material is excellent at absorbing shocks. The sum is a reliable and cost-effective solution for medical transport.

Medicine trays

Test tubes, cylinders and other sensitive medical vials and bottles often require special trays for transport and storage. EPS is a great choice due to the combination of its properties: it offers exceptional thermal insulation, it’s strong, flexible, light and doesn’t absorb water. It’s also cost-effective and easy to shape and cut with precision. This latest feature is important, as a great fit means better protection. We have standard products available for instant delivery and can also meet all special and custom-made products you may have.


Sustainable, high quality medical transport products


100% recyclable




Long term sustainability


Optimal insulation