Low water absorption

Special grades for wet conditions
Low water absorption

Low water absorption grades for foundations, basements and underground insulation


Made to tackle moisture

These grades are designed to handle humid conditions.


Excellent insulation

High level of thermal insulation.


Made from waste

We collect and recycle used EPS to make new products from it.

Made for particularly demanding situations

Foundations, basements and underground insulation are challenging for most materials. And the main culprit is moisture. Our low absorption grades are specifically designed for these conditions. They both protect from water and have high moisture resistance, ensuring they will perform in the long run.

Excellent insulation and easy to work with

The thermal insulation that these grades offer is of the highest level. That gives you several benefits in addition to water protection and long life thanks to the material’s moisture resistance. One is saved energy costs, as the insulation will demand less heating. Just as all EPS, these grades are light and easy to work with. That will save you transportation costs and let you work faster.

Capable and sustainable

The purpose of our Use-ReUse initiative is to make people aware that EPS is 100% recyclable and that plastics can be sustainable when used right. Also, our insulation products are carefully developed to provide the best possible insulation, which saves both energy and the climate every day. We offer EPS made from recycled material.

More information

If you’re interested in insulating your basement or foundation with low water absorption grades from BEWI RAW, please contact us!