Flexible and reliable logistics solutions tailored around you

Enjoy high-precision moulded packaging that ensures your goods arrive safely at their destination


Loose weight

The material’s low weight opens for significant weight reduction in your supply chain


Optimal protection

Shock absorption at the highest level for your products


Thin but strong

The material is both stiff and impact-absorbing


The savings

Weight, manufacturing and damage savings can lead to substantial savings

Internal logistics

We’re happy to work together with you to design and produce just the products you need. Just like we do for many clients in the automotive, electronic and logistics industries. Our highly versatile materials and state of the art machinery combined with our team’s knowledge and experience is at your disposal. The goal is to help you fine-tune your operation and to secure smooth and safe transport between departments or production lines.

Precision is protection

The tighter the fit, the better protection for your product. We have long experience from working with EPP (and many other materials) and can offer you high-precision moulds just the way you want them. With your products firmly fitted, damages in your supply chain will drop to a minimum.

Closed-loop system

On top of the 100% recyclability of EPS and EPP, we can offer you a closed-loop system. We will set it up together with you and when operational, we will collect used material that we then use to make new products for you. This way you can significantly improve your sustainability profile.

Versatile pallets

Get pallets tailored to your needs and save weight while protecting your products. These pallets have high material strength and are suitable for both internal and external transport. Some versions can be used as load carriers for display packaging in-store. We can make pallets in the dimensions and colours you want.