Insulation grades of the highest standards

A wide range of grades for insulation purposes together with our knowledge assures that you get the optimal solution for your project


All our expertise at your service

We help you choose and shape the grade best suited to your needs.


Always on the move

We keep developing our materials to ensure the highest quality available.


What about recycling?

When the grades have done their job, we’ll recycle them to make new ones.

All insulation requirements

We offer a wide range of Circulum® grades to meet all insulation requirements, and 90% of our grades can be used for insulation of some sort. Regardless of how these grades are applied, they share the same objective: keeping whatever they’re protecting safe. It all comes down to the materials we make, and their quality and performance is our main priority.

In constant development

In order to offer you the best materials available, we make sure we have the most experienced and talented people on our team. They continually work to develop and improve our materials and are encouraged and supported to seek new knowledge and skills. While we work to improve ourselves, we also put a lot of effort into making our entire operation sustainable.

We use the old the make the new

At BEWI we’re determined to lead the change to a circular economy in our industry. An important part is to take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the products we manufacture. We’re happy to setup a closed-loop system together with you, where we’ll collect used material and recycle it to make new products. Let’s talk and find a tailored waste management solution that suits your business and eases the pressure on the planet.


Please contact us if you have questions or if you’re interested in learning more about our insulation offering