Impact-absorbing applications

Resistant to high temperatures and impact
Impact-absorbing applications

Developed to resist heat, our HT-grades also offer excellent impact absorption


High temperatures

Although our HT-grades were developed to resist high temperatures, they also offer excellent impact absorbing properties.


Here, there and everywhere

Used in bicycle helmets, car doors as well as roof window insulation and hot water boilers.


100% recyclable

And we do our outmost to recycle as much as possible.


Made to protect

Our HT-grades offer the best level of protection of all our grades.

It can take the heat

Our HT-grades were developed to handle high temperatures. Certain insulation applications develop higher heat than regular EPS can handle, such as hot water boilers and roof windows. These grades can take temperatures up to 115 degrees celsius, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

And a beating

A bonus of the HT-grades is their ability to absorb impact. Together with their low weight, they rely on several applications that require excellent impact absorption, such as helmets and car doors.

Recyclable over and over again

We’re determined to lead the change towards a circular economy. To realise that vision, we’re constantly developing new sustainable solutions that will ease the pressure on our planet. An important part is collecting and recycling used EPS, and we can already offer EPS made from recycled material. A factor that makes EPS sustainable is its ability to be recycled over and over again without the material losing its capabilities.

More information

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