Closing the loop with recycled EPS

The step to carbon neutral EPS is easier than ever. GreenLine is 100% made with recycled EPS


Carbon neutral

GreenLine is carbon neutral and can bring your sustainability targets closer


Broad range

Many of our EPS products are available as GreenLine


Made from waste

We collect used EPS, recycle and reuse it in GreenLine


Let's speed up

By working together, we can adapt a circular economy faster

Several sustainable solutions

GreenLine is the latest addition to our range of sustainable solutions (read more below about another, BioFoam). The products in the GreenLine range are made of 100% recycled material, which makes them carbon neutral – and an opportunity to lower your carbon footprint.

Different but still the same

GreenLine is made of used EPS that we collect and recycle. EPS is impressive since it retains its first-rate properties even if it’s recycled again and again. This means that the GreenLine range has the same excellent quality as our other products while making a difference for the climate and your sustainability targets

Here, there and (almost) everywhere

You can order more or less every EPS product in our standard range as GreenLine. Its properties are on par with regular EPS, which is guaranteed by the CE marking. The road to sustainable alternatives just got shorter.

EPS from corn and sugar

BioFoam is an organic and biodegradable alternative to EPS. It’s made from polylactic acid and can be recycled, just like EPS, and also industrially composted. BioFoam is as versatile as EPS, and we use it to produce cooling boxes for fish and vegetables, and much more


Skanska closes the loop with 100% recycled EPS

The multinational company was one of the first to convert to sustainable construction. They vet suppliers and products to keep up the tempo in the switch to green construction. They have partnered with BEWI as a supplier of GreenLine.

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