EPS Recycling

From raw material to product and back again in a closed loop

We know everything about EPS including how to recycle it and close the loop. It's an integral part of our business model - and could be part of yours too

Closing the loop with BEWI

EPS is 100% recyclable and we collect, compress and extrude used EPS and reuse it as raw material for new EPS. It’s a closed-loop that saves natural resources, minimize waste, lowers CO2 emissions and water use.

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Together we can close the loop:


We produce an extensive range of expanded polystyrene beads for your comprehensive needs. They’re also used in our end products.


Depending on its uses, we have different ways of processing the plastic. If you need something custom made, let us know!


Whether you’re looking for standard packaging or want to optimise its size, shape, or other properties, we will make it happen.


Our insulation is used in everything from bike helmets to high-rise buildings. We’ll help you through the process to find what you need.


What do you do with leftover EPS that has served its purpose? Don’t worry about it, we’d love to take it off your hands—just give us a call!


Using a compactor is an efficient way of reforming EPS into compact, stackable blocks for transport and storage. It’s easy to do on-site!

Extrusion 1

In this step, we melt and granulate the plastic, turning it back into raw PS pellets that can be used to create new EPS or XPS.

Extrusion 2

Here, we create new EPS granules to sell as-is, to further refine, or to make into packaging and insulation. Thus, the loop begins again.



BEWI has a recycling target of at least 60 000 tonnes of EPS, every year. It’s a lot, and to realise that goal we need your help.

We put out around 180 000 tonnes of EPS annually and a lot of that is used to insulate buildings, stuff furniture, protect people. And lasts for a really long time.

About 30% of our annual volume becomes waste within one year. We want to be a responsible producer, hence the goal to recycle 60 000 tonnes of EPS.

Do you use EPS products in your business? Maybe as packaging to keep your fish or fresh produce in good condition, to protect precious vaccine bottles, or expensive electronic components? Or maybe to insulate your buildings?

We want your waste!

Get in touch with us and we will help you recycle everything!

How it works

By visiting you on-site, we can work out the best waste management solution for your needs.

The solution might depend on the quality of your waste (like how contaminated it is), how much waste you have, and if it’s all the same kind of waste, or a mixed batch.

In some cases, our proposed solution might include some kind of compactor that you can easily use on-site. This will make the EPS easier and more cost-efficient to transport since it will require up to 90% less space.

Why recycle your EPS?

We all know why recycling is a good thing, but it never hurts to be reminded. So, here are a few reasons to recycle with BEWI:

• It’s good for the environment

• It’s cost-efficient

• It brings you closer to the 2030 CO2 reduction goals

• It’s safe, since we know what we’re doing

• It’s a win-win solution


If your EPS waste is clean and compacted, we won’t just help you recycle it—we’ll actually buy it from you. Get in touch to find out how much money you can make from your EPS waste today!