Block moulding

Block moulding is the process of moulding big blocks that we then cut with high precision
Block moulding

Get the size and thickness you need without compromising quality


Special beads for block moulding

These beads are ensure moulded boards of the highest quality.


Floors and roof

These boards are often placed in flooring and roofs, and the beads we offer are very potent thermal protectors.


100% recyclable

Our divisions work together to collect and recycle used EPS.


Superior insulation

Versatile products with excellent thermal insulation.

High precision

The block moulding machines we use are state of the art. And they’re operated by professionals with long experience. This guarantees that we can manufacture moulded blocks with high precision, which minimizes the need for on-site adjustments and saves time.

Potent thermal protectors

All our grades are available for block moulding offer capable thermal insulation for your project. You can adjust the level of insulation you desire by how thick you want the board, as well as which grade you choose.

It’s 100% recyclable

When our EPS products are taken out of active service, we collect them for reuse. At BEWI, all divisions cooperate to lead the way towards a circular economy, and we can offer you EPS made from recycled material. We’re happy to discuss sustainable solutions with you, such as setting up a waste management system at your site. That way we can recycle waste, take responsibility for the climate and reduce the carbon footprint of our operations.


We have the products you need, when you need them