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Beskyttende emballasje

Den klokeste måten å beskytte det du pakker på
Protective packaging

Superior protective packaging available in the shape and form you need, when you need it


The wisest way to protect what you pack

Inexpensive, lightweight, reliable and unrivalled shock absorption


Tailored for you

Choose from a wide range of standard and custom made protective packaging


Material flexibility

Enjoy the liberty of choosing between several different materials.

Custom shape moulding

Our shape moulded EPS and EPP products are put to work in many areas of modern society. You can find them in cars, carrying vaccines and seeds, as well as in a long list of custom solutions. These products keep food fresh and sensitive equipment safe from heat, cold, shocks and blows. The high precision that we can offer is an important factor, as a perfect fit increases protection.

Fabricated Foam

Packaging solutions with short lead times. Fabricated Foam is mostly made from EPE or PUR. Both materials arrive at our sites in blocks, that we then shape with precision to meet your specific needs. Your finished solution is processed without advanced moulding forms and customised tools, which means lower costs and the potential to produce shorter series that can be delivered quickly. Find out more here


It’s a natural product made from paper, kraftliner or testliner and used for shock-absorption and cushioning for fragile products. The name comes from the material’s unique air-filled honeycomb cell structure, which makes it both stronger and lighter than cardboard. Honeycomb is also 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable and may be compressed up to 75%. Find out more here

Filling material

Get extremely lightweight EPS beads and peanuts to protect, insulate and fixate your products that are difficult to pack. The filling material minimises the risk of transport damages without adding significant weight. That’s due to EPS consisting of 98% air. The material is 100% recyclable.


We have the products you need, when you need them