Closing the loop — from raw material to recycling

BEWI is one of the leading producers of raw material for sustainable packaging and insulation. See our products
What is RAW?

The RAW segment is Europe’s leading manufacturer of polystyrene beads – the raw material for EPS, which is also called Styrofoam.


100% recyclable

EPS is 100 percent recyclable. In 2019, BEWI launched the world’s first EPS based entirely on recycled material.

Wide range

An extensive range of expanded polystyrene beads, with various properties depending on the final product and the customers’ needs.


BioFoam® is our fully bio-based particle foam made from renewable resources. It can be re-formed, recycled and fully composted.

Closing the loop

BEWI RAW, Insulation, Packaging and Circular work together to collect, compress, extrude and recycle used EPS.
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