Innovating the future

Circulum® grades offer the highest quality with minimal use of raw materials and are 100% recyclable.


100% recyclable

Regardless of how many times they’re recycled, Circulum® grades maintain their properties.


The jack of all trades

Circulum® can be used both for moulded and cut products.



The unmatched insulation capacity of our Circulum® grades saves energy and their resistance to moisture ensures long life.



Each cell consists of 98% air and because of that, the material offers exceptional vibration and shock-absorbing qualities.

Pushing the industry forward

Our ambition is clear: to drive the industry forward and lead the change. We have a well-defined innovation strategy and a proven ability to continuously develop application and product design while at the same time working on materials with potential long term disruptive effects. Examples include the non-flammable building insulation material Xire®, biodegradable BioFoam® and grey EPS as a thinner insulation board with lower transportation costs and reduced energy consumption. Our Circulum® range is packed with innovation, including products for every need.

Eyes on the horizon

We’re determined to keep innovating in order to lead the change towards a circular economy. A key step in that direction is Circulum®, our EPS grades that require minimal use of raw materials, are 100% recyclable and meet the toughest health and safety requirements in Europe. They’re available with different features which makes them useable in many industries and applications.

Used here, there and everywhere

Today our EPS plays an essential role in the life of a myriad of products and is relied on to protect both people and goods for a better everyday. They’re important to industries such as building and construction, civil engineering, road improvement and landscaping, packaging solutions as well as the automotive, food, horticultural and pharmaceutical industries.

Made once, used indefinitely

Although our Circulum® grades are made from petroleum, they’re both sustainable and circular. The material can be recycled and reused indefinitely and as it’s made from 98% air, it requires little raw material in the first place. From petroleum, we extract liquid monostyrene. That is, in turn, converted into expandable polystyrene, which are small, glass-like spheres that contain the blowing agent pentane. The pentane is steam heated, which causes the spheres to expand (up to 50 times) and become Circulum® pearls. As the pentane escapes the pearls, it is replaced by air. The pearls are then heated with steam and compressed in a mould to merge into a moulded block that can be cut into any shape and form requested.


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