Biodegradable, compostable and versatile

BioFoam® is durable and versatile with properties comparable to EPS



It’s made from polylactic acid and can be industrially composted.


The jack of all trades

BioFoam® can be used both for moulded and cut products.


Durable and protective

BioFoam® is long-lasting and suitable for protective packaging solutions.

Highly adaptable

Its properties are comparable to EPS, and these biodegradable beads are often used for ice trays and boxes that keep vegetables and fish fresh, but it can be used for much more. BioFoam® is suitable for protective packaging for everything from furniture to electronic equipment, and we can make it just the way you want it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss what BioFoam® can do for your business.

It’s made from plants

The ingredient is polylactic acid, which is made from renewable resources such as cornstarch and sugarcane. BioFoam® can be reused and recycled just as EPS, but as it’s biodegradable it can also be industrially composted. The CO2 that’s released into the atmosphere at the end of its lifecycle is used to grow new biomass, that can be used to reproduce BioFoam®.

Innovating for a better everyday

BioFoam® is an innovation of ours and an effect of our determination to lead the change towards a circular economy in our industry. BioFoam® is a great choice if you’re looking to strengthen your sustainability profile and your brand.


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