UTHERM Flat Roof PIR L drop board

Flat Roof PIR L drop board is a high performance, stiff insulation board made of PIR foam with a drop of up to 25 mm.

The board has a surface made of gas-tight aluminum composite foil with low emissions.

Flat Roof PIR L drop board is manufactured in accordance with EN 13165.

Technical data:

Area of application: Flat roofs

Edges: Straight edges

Size: 1200 mm x 1200 mm

Compressive strength: ≥ 150 kPa

Heat conduction ability: 0.022 W/mK

Fire classification: F according to EN 13165

Certification: CE, Sundahus, Byggvaru assessment


  • Finished drops of 10 or 20 mm
  • Approximately 20% lower material consumption compared to conventional systems for low incline roofs
  • Excellent insulation qualities
  • Blueprints are supplied after order
  • Easy to install