BEWI's foam boards intended for facade insulation are an excellent alternative as wall insulation for both new construction and additional insulation for remodeling.

The material fits different wall solutions such as wooden frames, lightweight tiles and concrete and can be combined with different facade cladding.

The cellular plastic is attached to the outside, which means that you do not have to adapt cold bridges to the studs. It’s easier, it’s faster and you avoid the cost of windscreens or windshields. In addition, you should keep in mind that many of today’s rule walls have been affected by problems, even though they have been built according to the standards. Cellulose is both water-repellent and open to diffusion. This means that external condensation drains off, while moisture from inside the structure diffuses out.

BEWI Plasterboard

The plasterboard is intended for facade insulation on the outside, as wind protection and thermal insulation on rule walls or as shell wall insulation. The boards have low dead weight, strong load-bearing capacity and can be set up quickly. The facade panel can be used as insulation material both for new construction and for renovation. The properties of EPS guarantee a dry, warm and healthy housing construction. The plasterboard is molded in gray cellular plastic and is intended for additional insulation of houses. The board can be used as a plaster carrier where the grooves provide better adhesion. The board also has special seams on all four sides, which gives flat and dense joints.

  • Facade insulation inside and outside
  • Wind protection
  • Thermal insulation on rule walls
  • Thermal insulation as shell wall insulation


Specifications Standard Unit BEWI Plasterboard
Compressive strengthEN 826kPa80
Permissible long-term load at 2% deformation (nominal load)EN 1606kPa24
λD declared valueEN 13164W/mK0,038
Water absorption, immersedEN 12087Vol%0,5-4,0
Length extension coefficient  10-6 m/m0C70
Max. Temp. 0℃80
Fire properties (class) EN 13501-1 F
Relative water vapor resistance EN 10456u faktor 
Tolerance Length and width EN 822mm+- 0,6%
Tolerance Thickness (class) EN 823mm+- 2
Tolerance Flatness EN 824mm/m15
Tolerance Right angle EN 825mm/m+ 5
Standard format  mm2700 x 850