We have a wide selection of quality EPS seedling and star trays

We produce the English style trays, Danish trolley compatible systems, seedling and star trays for a variety of customers.

EPS (expanded polystyrene) has been widely used for many years by growers from the smallest to the largest. Our knowledge of the horticulture market and our total dedication to world class customer service means that we can confidently guarantee to deliver what you require, when you require it, year in year out.

We build stocks in the off-season so that we always have product available for you during the peak of your production season and you’re never left with that sinking feeling that stock is not available.




Protective character, which protects plants from shocks when being moved around or transported


Unrivalled insulating qualities, which protect plants from frosts and reduces heating costs during the winter

Excellent handling capabilities

Attractive, clean appearance which enhances the quality and appeal of your plants


Made of 100% recyclable EPS

Horticulture boxes

Box Product Code Dimensions Cell Size Site
8 per shelf
Six CellD6310 x x265 x 65mm76 x 48 x 55mmFord
Twelve Celld12310 x 265 x 65mm55 x x40 x 55mmFord
eight celld8310 x 265 x 65mm60 x 53 x 55mmFord
24 pack24 pack310 x 265 x 65mm55x 42 x 55mmFord
10 per shelf
six celld6260 x 250 x 65mm76 x 48 x 55mmFord
twelve celld12260 x 250 x 65mm34 x 48 x 55mmFord
30 pack30 pack260 x 250 x 65mm43 x 35 x 55mmFord
12 per shelf
jumbo 6 packJumbo 6 pack270 x 210 x 90mm90 x 75 x 75mmFord