Perforated transport box

Nest- and stacking box for transport and storage

The durable solution for efficient nesting and stacking

Durable boxes with good impact strength, handles and perforated sides and in some solutions also perforated bottoms. Designed for steady stacking and efficient nesting (51-72%).

The lightweight PP boxes are used in a number of industries, such as the food industry as bacteria can’t live on the polished surface.

We also have a wide selection of high-impact HDPE boxes, that can be reused over and over again. HDPE is recyclable – tests show that it can be recycled ten times or more without any significant deterioration.

All boxes are food approved. Company name, logo or similar can be engraved or hot stamped on the box. Other colours are available on request.





For easy storage and transport


With the reverse stacking feature


With holes in sides and bottom


Other colours on request

Variations - Perforated transport box

BEWI Box 40 L 6708-2 Perforated longside.
BEWI Box 32 L 7178-2 Perforated longside.
BEWI Box 50 L 7156-2 Perforated longside.
BEWI Box 66 L 7191 Perforated longside and bottom.
BEWI Box 66 L 7192 Perforated longside.
BEWI Box 27 L 7180 Designed for the poultry industry. Perforated bottom.


Art. no. Product name Colour stock Stock/Request Ext. dimension (cm) Int. dimension (cm) Weight (kg) Material Pcs. per pallet
6708-2BEWI Box 40 l-Request60 x 40 x 2452 x 30 x 222.17 kgPP72
7178-2BEWI Box 32 l-Request60 x 40 x 1849 x 34 x 17.51.8 kgHDPE140
7156-2BEWI Box 50 l-Request60 x 40 x 2749 x 34 x 26.52.15 kgHDPE80
7191BEWI Box 66 lBlueStock60 x 40 x 3549 x 34 x 34.51.68 kgPP64
7192BEWI Box 66 l-Request60 x 40 x 3549 x 34 x 34,51.78 kgPP64
7180BEWI Box 27 lBlueStock60 x 40 x 1553.5 x 36 x 12.91.25 kgHDPE180

All boxes are food approved. Other colours on request.

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