Insulation board XPS

BEWI manufactures XPS in compressive strengths from XPS 300 – XPS 500 with thicknesses between 10 – 120 mm.

XPS 300

done for foundations, baseboards, base joist systems
done walls, roofs
done yards, traffic and parking areas

XPS 400

done for foundations, baseboards, base joist systems
done for groundwork, traffic
done yard areas that are designed to withstand heavy loads

XPS 500

done for especially demanding conditions
done when a heavy load is constant or the actual loads are sometimes high
done traffic routes and foundations for railways or railway embankments


  • Insulation of foundation
  • Partition of baseboard
  • Insulation of basement walls
  • Insulation of floors directly on the ground
  • Insultion of ventilated base floors
  • Insulation of walls
  • Insulation of partitioning floors
  • Insulation of reversed roods
  • Frost insulation of buildings
  • Insulation of yards and streets
  • Insulation of roads and ramps
  • Insulation of parking lots
  • Insulation of water pipes and drains
  • Insulation of railways and railway embankments
  • Heating element