Cap for HVAC pipes
Available from stock in white, yellow and brown. Other colours on request.

Ventilation plugs - Low cost, high quality

BEWI produces high quality ventilation plugs at a low cost.

Used for spiro pipes and ducts within the ventilation industry. Our plugs are designed with holes for ventilation and ribs, to make sure it is at tight fit.

Protects the pipes from dirt.

Assortment in stock. May be offered in a closed loop. We help our customers have a sustainable production.

– A closed loop product!


Art. no. Product name Weight (kg) Pcs. per pallet
4427BEWI Caps nd 1000,0152 kg2500
4428BEWI Caps nd 1250,0242 kg1400
4429BEWI Caps nd 1600,0357 kg850
4434BEWI Caps nd 2000,0642 kg760
4435BEWI Caps nd 2500,0938 kg440
4436BEWI Caps nd 3150,1504 kg267
4432BEWI Caps nd 4000,323 kg150
4433BEWI Caps nd 5000,51 kg100

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