Food-safe thermal boxes

Polystyrene foam food-safe thermal box is very useful during travel, picnics or fishing, transportation or storage of products, home use. These boxes are reusable, reliable, durable. EPS thermal boxes can contain both heat and cold well. Everybody can find them beneficial at home or work. Our thermal food-safe boxes are made of polystyrene, which corresponds to EPS 150 type of construction polystyrene foam. This type of foam is used to insulate slab foundations. If such foam can withstand the weight of the building, it will also be able to withstand any challenges. TD thermal boxes are hermetic, suitable for storage and transportation of food products. TD+ boxes have holes on the sides of the box, which allow for liquids to drain. These boxes are handy for quick transportation or short-term storage of fresh products when the freshness is maintained using ice cubes. Moreover, these thermal boxes have indentations on the bottom and bumps on the lid, which helps to maintain stability when sacked.

Technical parameters

Type of polystyrene foam

done EPS 150

Wall thickness

done 2 cm

Box base measurements

done 40x30x17 cm


done White

Technical properties of polystyrene foam boxes

Box name TD TD+
SidesFlatWith holes
Box volume, l11.511.5
Inner box base dimensions, cm36x26x12,436x26x12,4

Certificates and approvals — Food-safe thermal boxes


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