Fillet box

Specially made to protect and insulate fish fillets during transport

The sustainable alternative

Made of 100% recyclable EPS that insulate and keep the inside temperature steady even during long haul transports. The fish arrives fresh, which helps lower food waste.

EPS is 98% air, which makes the boxes light and easy to handle. The low weight also helps to lower transport costs.

Stackable, hygienic and easy to clean so the boxes can be reused.

Absorbents can be used to soak up any liquid, and the boxes can be delivered with or without drainage holes.

We have a wide selection of boxes specially developed for the fishing industry. Many of our fish boxes are adapted for EUP-pallets. We can deliver products for any need fast. See our range of gel bags under Silica bags/cooler bags.



Unbroken cooling chain

Keep food fresh all the way to the end user


Against impact, shocks and other transport hazards


Against heat, cold and moisture


Made of 100% recyclable EPS


Art. nr (WD) Art. nr (ND) Art. nr (Lid) Description Ext. dimensions L x W x H Int. dimensions L x W x H
S716S716UHS7173 Kg Eurobox397 x 297 x 93 mm (Lid 28)335 x 234 x 80 mm
S752S752UHS7535/6 Kg Fillet box495 x 295 x 125 mm (Lid 32)-

WD=with drain
ND=no drain