Eurobox V2

The next generation fish box with stronger lid and walls and smart handles. 100% recyclable.

The next generation fish box

Fish box with sturdy walls and corners, that make it easy to stack several boxes, even fully loaded, as well as different size boxes.
The upgraded handles make lifting and handling easier.

The improved, tight-fitting lid clicks into place both inside and out, for better protection and first-rate insulation. Water is efficiently transported out of the box thanks to the tapered bottom and draining holes.

Made of EPS that insulates and keeps the inside temperature steady even during long-distance transports. The fish keep fresh longer, which helps lower food waste.

EPS is 98% air, which makes the boxes light and helps lower transport costs. EPS is also 100% recyclable.

Will be produced in several sizes, starting with 20 and 25 kilo Euroboxes.




Strong walls and corners for better protection and heavy stacking

Improved lid

Clicks into place inside and out, for better protection and insulation

Unbroken cooling chain

Keeps the fish fresh during transport


Made of 100% recyclable EPS


Art. nr (WD) Art. nr (ND) Art. nr (lid) Description Ext. dimensions L x W x H Int. dimensions L x W x H
S7020S7020UHS702025L20 kg. Eurokasse V2795 x 398 x 175 mm (Lid 32)742 x 343 x 149 mm
S7025S7025UHS702025L25 kg. Eurokasse V2795 X 398 x 205 mm (Lid 32)742 x 343 x 178 mm

WD=With drain
ND=No drain