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EPS 60

Polystyrene foam (EPS) – rigid, porous thermal insulating material, which is made of air (98%), enclosed in small polystyrene beads (2 %).
      This effective insulation material is used to insulate new or modernized buildings from all of its sides outside and inside, make a perfect air tight seal of the building envelope, suppress sound movement. Polystyrene foam maintains its parameters and dimensions during its lifespan. Our polystyrene foam products for construction comply with European Standard LST EN 13163:2012+A1:2015. According to this standard, polystyrene foam products are classified according to their compressive strength, at which a product is deformed by 10 %, and its bending strength.

      Technical parameters

      Type of polystyrene foam

      done EPS 60


      done 15-1200 mm (according to individual orders)

      Standard dimensions

      done 500x1000/ 1000x1000/ 1000x2000/ 1000x4000 mm


      done Smooth / overlapping / tapered

      Recommendations for use

      done Outer wall of the framed house
      done Slate roof between rafters
      done Floor between wooden sills
      done Any other place where is no mechanical load

      Technical properties of polystyrene foam according to EPS type

      EPS type EPS50 EPS60 EPS70 EPS80 EPS100 EPS150 EPS200
      Average density (kg/m3)*10,812,514,016,318,523,427,5
      Thermal conductivity, λD (W/m·K)≤ 0,043≤ 0,041≤ 0,039≤ 0,037≤ 0,035≤ 0,034≤ 0,033
      Compressive strength at 10 % deformation, (kPa)50607080100150200
      Bending strength (kPa)75100115125150200250
      Reaction to fireEEEEEEE

      *Density is not relevant for the classification of polystyrene foam.

      All properties are declared in accordance with the requirements of the EU standard EN 13163: 2012 + A1: 2015 and related documents.


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