Maintains temperature stability for 48-96 hours at different temperature ranges

Easy to use, reliable packaging solutions with PCM refrigerants

The cube shaped CoolGuard solutions with PCM refrigerants are easy to use, which makes the packing process run smoother. The PCM elements keep the temperature inside the packaging at the desired level, regardless of outside temperatures.

CoolGuard PCM shippers maintain temperature stability for 48-96 hours with payload volumes from 6 to 96 litres.

CoolGuard Advanced have vacuum panels that ensure that the products you’re shipping are kept at the correct temperature, which allows for longer, more time consuming transports. CoolGuard Advanced secure products at -18 degrees C, from +2° to +8° and from +15° to + 25°.

CoolGuard PCM have industry leading payload to external volume ratios, reducing storage and distribution costs. This means that despite higher packaging price, the total cost will probably be lower. CoolGuard’s lower weight often means that shipping costs can be reduced, compared to the Sherpa solution.

CoolGuard is robust and can be reused several times. The components can then be recycled or disposed in a waste stream, making CoolGuard a sustainable choice.



Steady temperature

With PCM or vacuum panels

Tree ranges

-18°C, +2° - +8° and +15° - + 25°

Long lasting

Keeps a steady temperature for 48-96 hours


Can be reused and recycled


Description Temperature range Volume Duration ART. NR
CoolGuard PCM+2 - +8 samt +15 - +25 grader6 - 96 liter48 og 72 timer?
CoolGuard Advanced-18, +2 - +8 samt +15 - +25 grader6 - 96 liter48 og 72 timer?