Bucket & bins

Multipurpose buckets, paint buckets and wastebins

Universal pail 23 l (2217)

Multipurpose bucket.
High impact.

Paint bucket 12 l (2157)

Paint bucket in
rugged quality.

Pail 10 l (2164)

Multipurpose bucket.
High impact. Rugged

Duett pail (2223)

Multipurpose bucket
with two chambers.
Often used by painter
and floor layers.

Wall wastebin (2290)

Wastebin for wall.
3 drain hole in bottom.


Art. no. Product name Stock/Request Ext. dimension (cm) Weight (kg) Pcs. per pallet
2217Universal pail 23 lRequest54 x 27,5 x 24,51,31 kg100
2157Paint bucket 12 lStock41 x 23,5 x 270,75 kg100
2164Pail 10 lRequest-0,63 kg150
2163Lid for 2164.Requestnd 28,3-1600
2223Duett pailRequest41,5 x 31 x 301,52 kg40
2290Wall wastebinStock54 x 27,5 x 24,51,44 kg80

Other colors on request.

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