Why GreenLine is the future

"The insight that we need to work together in order to close the loop is spreading. And it must, because that’s where the solution is."
18 years with BEWI

Ove Eidsvåg knows the company inside out and has been involved here and there during his long spell at the company.

As the world shifts its focus toward sustainable solutions, the demand for recycled EPS is shooting through the roof. BEWI is in the forefront with sustainable EPS products, not least with GreenLine, which is 100% recycled.

But there are challenges to the circular transition. We sat down with Ove to get his view on the sustainable shift and a peek at GreenLine production.

How common is recycled EPS?

– Lately the demand for GreenLine and recycled materials has increased dramatically. We need to get our hands on more of the used material in order to make recycled products. And we have a job to do here, with raising that awareness and setting up solutions with our client’s that let us pick up spill and waste material.

Could BEWI do more to spread the word and boost the shift to GreenLine products?

– We’re really pushing on to get more clients on board the circular thinking. We have everything in place to make it smooth for our clients, we want the handling of the waste material to be effortless for them.

What’s the solution?

– Our focus in order to acquire more waste material is strategic partners. We’re looking to tailor a closed-loop system to their operation, which means for example that we place a compactor at their site as well as coordinate pick-up points and transport to our recycling facilities. We’re working on creating clear offers for this that include everything, so that the process is as easy as possible for the client.

What’s the most significant change at BEWI since you started 18 years ago?

– We have a huge range of great products now. People know us and we’re main supplier to several customers. And more are getting in touch and showing interest in our offer. It’s been a great journey and I remember when I started at BEWI and we only had our construction system. Now I don’t even know the total number of products that we offer.

Is GreenLine more expensive?

– Circularity often lead to investment, at least in the beginning. And the handling of the waste material as well as the recycling process is a bit more expensive than to produce virgin material. Also, there is a high demand for recycled EPS, which raises the price.

What kind of products are best suited for GreenLine?

– Construction is the best industry, and that means insulation and some other construction elements. The reason is that construction can handle large volumes of recycled material, which makes it a smooth process for the client and for us.

What do you see around the corner for BEWI?

– More recycled. We’re committed to find ways to increase amount of waste material that we receive through more and tighter collaboration. Large companies are already on the ball and the rest will follow. The insight that we need to work together in order to close the loop is spreading. And it must, because that’s where the solution is. That’s where we’ll be able to lower emissions, reach our sustainability goals and set the foundation for a circular economy.