BEWI Announces Three-Year Partnership with Campeys

BEWI Announces Three-Year Partnership with Campeys, working towards Sustainable Distribution

BEWI, a leading provider of insulation, construction and packaging solutions in the UK, (formerly known as Jablite and Styropack), is thrilled to announce the signing of a transformative three-year partnership with Campeys, a family transport firm renowned for its commitment to environmental responsibility.

This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for BEWI, “We will work together with Campeys to maintain and improve our service offer for BEWI customers whilst implementing initiatives to enhance efficiency and reduce carbon emissions,” says John Cooper, Managing Director, BEWI.

“We hope to inspire other industry players to prioritise sustainable distribution. Combining our expertise and working to reduce carbon in our logistics operation is part of our BEWI sustainability commitment.” adds John.

Over 10% of Campeys’ fleet is powered by non-fossil fuels, including bio-CNG which offers a 90% reduction in carbon emissions over traditional diesel, and it is committed to operate a nett zero fleet by 2030.

Harry Campey, Campeys of Selby Commercial & Operations Director said:
“Our growing reputation for being a truly environmentally aware operator and our commitment to decarbonisation was a key aspect of winning this significant contract with BEWI.

We’re investing right across the business to help meet our nett zero aspirations and it’s clear that environmental improvement is helping to strengthen our commercial proposition.

“We’re delighted to be able to help BEWI reduce the environmental impact of its distribution operations and help achieve its ESG targets, and we will continue to work closely together to deliver continuous environmental improvement and year-on-year carbon reduction.”


Picture shows from left to right:
Mark Poulton (BEWI Operations Director), John Cooper (BEWI Managing Director), Paul Campey (Campeys Managing Director), Harry Campey (Campeys Commercial & Operations Director).


About Campeys: Campeys is a family transport firm known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. With a strong emphasis on reducing carbon emissions, the company employs advanced technologies and strategic partnerships to deliver efficient and environmentally responsible transport services.