Recycling EPS at Holbaek hospital

The bioanalyst got the entire hospital to recycle EPS together with BEWI. Watch the video
The bioanalyst, BEWI and the circular economy

"I googled and quickly realised how easy it is to recycle EPS."

A green heart

Christina Birkedal Thulstrup is a bioanalyst at the hospital in Holbaek, Denmark.

– I have a green heart and couldn’t stand to see the amount of plastic that was thrown away every day, she says.

One day a co-worker asked what to do with all used EPS trays. At the same time, management put out a call for ideas to reduce the use of plastics at the hospital.

– I googled and quickly realised how easy it is to recycle EPS, says Christina. It didn’t take long until she contacted BEWI Denmark. Now Holbaek hospital and BEWI are running a pilot project together.

From Holbaek to recycling

– We regularly collect EPS trays from Holbaek hospital. All clean, used trays go straight to recycling without remelting and can be reused as raw material in new EPS, says Karl Erik Olesen, CEO, BEWI Denmark.

– It’s wonderful! Everybody’s collecting EPS trays. I’ve involved so many and it’s great to see that we have succeeded, says Christina Birkedal Thulstrup.

– We produce the EPS, recycle and reuse it in new EPS. It’s a closed-loop, another step towards a circular economy, says Karl Erik Olesen.

The test of EPS collection and recycling from the hospital in Holbaek is part of Project Plastic Handling in Region Zealand. The project aims to reduce the use and increase the recycling of plastics.

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