Protecting precious passengers

The Swedish company Thule Group with the global brand Thule – makes it easy to transport the things you care about most. Their car roof boxes have been a common sight on Scandinavian roads for decades and these days more, and more kids can be seen safely strapped into Thule child bike seats.

Excellent shock absorbing qualities

The Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi and Yepp Nexxt Mini child bike seats are made of EPP from the Dutch company Synprodo, which is part of BEWI Group.

EPP, expanded polypropylene, has excellent shock absorbing qualities. It’s also lightweight and water repellant, which makes it ideal for bike seats.

Working closely together with our customer, we at BEWI created a customized tool that gives the EPP a smooth surface. Result: the Thule child bike seats are both comfortable and safe. You can choose both front and rear-mounted seats and thanks to the padded 5-point harness you can be sure that the child is snug and secure. Your precious passenger is well protected.

Our EPP is also used as packaging for instruments, cameras and other fragile products, as technical insulation, in car components, neck protectors etc. And in the Thule child bike seats, BEWiSynbra EPP sets you free – to live life to the fullest and protect precious passengers.

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