Our insulation is everywhere

BEWI´s products are closer than many people think.

They may even be in the room you’re sitting in, since we supply the building industry with a wide range of insulation products and solutions. They are mainly used in foundations, walls and roofs, but also in pools, driveways, roads and other infrastructure projects.We also produce entire building systems.

Our insulation protects buildings from moisture and mold. It keeps cold outside and heat inside, reduces energy loss and decreases energy consumption. We have developed insulation for buildings that must be energy-neutral and meet stricter insulation requirements, as well as elements that suit all regular solar panel systems.

Our products are easy to handle. They are quickly placed, and you can walk on them, which makes them well suited for the efficient construction methods of today.

We are currently developing a flame-retardant material called Xire, which creates an incombustible layer on roof plates, which gives you first rate fire protection. It’s the most responsible insulation material for building applications with high fire safety demands.

Biofoam is another example of our innovative thinking. It’s the first CO2 neutral cellular foam in the world, produced from plant-based polymers, fully biodegradable and compostable.

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