Nominated for Plastprisen 2020

We are proud to announce that BEWiSynbra Denmark has been nominated to Plastprisen 2020 for our 100% Recycled EPS product line, Recycled Inside.

EPS is a sustainable choice and 100% recyclable

Plastindustrien has since 1987 handed out Plastprisen and has after receiving a large number of potential candidates chosen five nominees. The prize is for extraordinary achievements in the Danish plastics industry.

– We have worked long and hard to recycle and create a circular loop for EPS material, and this has led to the product line, Recycled Inside. This nomination is a milestone in our sustainability work. And we are incredibly proud to have landed in an innovation that not only lowers the CO2 footprint but also shows that EPS is a sustainable choice and 100% recyclable, says Karl Erik Olesen, Managing Director BEWI Denmark.

The production of Recycled Inside is the result of BEWI’s ambition towards a circular economy. We collect EPS waste from construction sites & packaging materials from grocery stores and industries. Then the material is processed in our extruder before it goes back in the production line and manufactured into new high-quality EPS products.

After a long time of development and innovation, BEWI recently launched the new raw material, made from 100% recycled EPS. Products in the new line, Recycled Inside, have already started to be delivered, with the same first-rate properties as EPS from virgin raw material. The launch does mean not only a profit for the environment but also the customers.

– Our ambition is always to be a partner to customers, where we together find a model for both deliveries and recycling. It’s a necessity to leave the old idea of supplier and customer behind, and instead focus on long-term collaborations, where we together with our customers look at the entire product cycle to identify methods for sustainable deliveries and recycling, Olesen concludes.

The members of Plastindustrien decide which of the nominees will receive the honour, a statuette and a check of 50,000 DKK

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