Meet our new sustainability director

BEWI is committed to environmental work and welcomes our first sustainability director, Camilla Louise Bjerkli

Setting a new standard with a sustainability director

– We are incredibly proud to have Camilla in our team, says Eskil Wahl, sales director at BEWI.

BEWI is focused on sustainability and circular economy. That makes it natural to hire a person who can commit to it 100 per cent.

Camilla Louise Bjerkli and BEWI are a perfect match. She has a masters in industrial ecology and is a doctor of plastic use with a focus on collecting and recycling. After 15 years on the other side of the table, she is ready to speed up our sustainability work.

We meet an engaged and skilled director of sustainability. BEWI’s personnel have a passion for sustainability as well as a wish and will to make the company totally circular.

– The goal is to be there in five years and I think we’ll make it, says Camilla Louise Bjerkli.

– We are making good progress, thanks to a lot of hard work and investments in product design, collecting and recycling, she says.

BEWI’s goal is to lead the way in the circular economy and to be transparent about its footprint. Camilla Louise Bjerkli will make sure that progress continues and improves even more. She will also be responsible for documentation and communicating the progress both internally and externally.

Future solutions

BEWI has worked with circular economy for years and laid the foundation for coming initiatives. Work is organised and awareness of both the climate and sustainability permeates the company.

– The future lies in developing green solutions in close co-operation with our customers, says Camilla.

Plastic has attracted negative publicity since so much of it is discarded. We work to keep plastic from ending up where it doesn’t belong. It should be circulated and reused in new products.

We work to inform people that plastic is an amazing resource with a number of positive attributes. It is a sustainable product, just like other materials.

All of BEWI’s products should be and are sustainable. The fish boxes help to lower food waste and make transports lighter, which lowers CO2-emissions. The Use-ReUse initiative work to recycle raw material instead of incinerating it.

Sustainability is about seeing every product’s life cycle and usage from a long term perspective and adapting that to design, use and recycling.

The future lies in producers and clients working together and co-operating to develop new solutions that align with circular thinking. Care about the environment run through every part of BEWI. Everyone here pulls in the same direction.

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