Meet Marianne F Nielsen

As HSEQ Manager at BEWI Denmark, Marianne F Nielsen works with Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.

How does BEWI Denmark work with sustainability?

Marianne has a masters in environmental technology and worked as a quality manager at SCA and with environmental issues in the borough of Greve before coming to BEWI in 2015.

Sustainability covers so much: recycling, saving energy, not using more raw materials than necessary, and so on. Everything counts. For instance, EPS packaging can be reused again and again. After cleaning, some of our customers reuse their packaging up to 4-5 times. Then BEWI Circular gets the used EPS to recycle and make new EPS products.

So recycling is not a new thing at BEWI?

We have collected used EPS from our customers for more than 20 years. We recycle and reuse as much as possible for building products, and the rest is handled externally and used as insulation in concrete, for pellets etc. We have updated our Life cycle assessment to show the impact of recycled EPS, to show that it does make sense to recycle.

What is Operation Clean Sweep?

It’s an international program to keep waste and harmful substances out of the oceans. The Operation Clean Sweep initiative is another example of sustainable thinking at BEWI. All our sites have cleaning plans, and we make sure that they are followed. If EPS gets in the sewers, we have systems to collect and handle it, instead of letting it reach the environment. Sustainability and OCS have to be a team effort, not one person can be responsible, we all need to participate.

Do you work with other businesses when it comes to sustainability?

In Denmark, we have excellent cooperation with other EPS businesses through the plastic federation. They have hired a project manager, who is passionate about sustainability, household waste and recycling. The message is out and gets a lot of attention in the media, which is very good for all EPS companies in Denmark. The next challenge is to get consumers to be as committed to recycling cellular plastic as we are. The amount of packaging increases as e-commerce grows. EU has set up recycling targets, and we are doing our best to influence consumers.

What’s next for BEWI Denmark?

We are determined to become as sustainable as possible. The goal is to recycle all our own waste by the year 2025. I believe that it is a realistic goal, and we are doing our best to reach it. We are serious about this and take our responsibility. I’m proud to work in a company where sustainability is a priority.

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