Jablite by BEWI Name Change


Jablite by BEWI Name Change

On 3 April 2023, Jablite by BEWI changes its name to BEWI. The new BEWI business in the UK will have two divisions: BEWI Insulation and Construction (UK) Ltd, to replace Jablite, and BEWI Packaging and Components (UK) Ltd replaces its sister company, Styropack.

“The good news for our customers is that our service levels and quality will stay exactly the same. Whilst the bank account name changes to BEWI Insulation and Construction (UK) Ltd, there will be no change to bank account details or company registration numbers,” says John Cooper, Managing Director of BEWI in the UK.

Well-known Jablite product names such as Fillmaster, Claymaster, Jabfloor, Ground Heave Protection, Inverted Roof Insulation and JTFS, (Jablite’s Thermal Floor System) will keep the same names.

In addition, to its current Jablite product portfolio, from 3 April 2023 BEWI will be selling the Jackodur XPS board as the first step in the integration of the UK Jackon business into BEWI in the UK.

“We are very excited to be part of the BEWI Group with all the opportunities it brings us in terms of new products to introduce to the UK market and its leading position on sustainability and the circular economy.

“For our customers the products will stay easily identifiable as the products they have been buying and specifying for many years, with the added advantage of becoming part of the BEWI Group,” concludes John.