IBF and BEWI launch tomorrow’s thermal building block

The new innovative Leca Thermal Block saves time and money while reducing the environmental impact as well as sparing workers' health. Watch the video
IBF and BEWI launch tomorrow’s thermal building block

A smarter and more efficient building system.

”Earlier, the workers had to cut the insulation on site. This was time-consuming and also not good for the environment”.

– Morten Christensen, Technical Advisor | IBF

Create new solutions

IBF specializes in developing and manufacturing concrete solutions for the Danish construction industry. The company shares BEWI’s drive to create new smart solutions that offer customers several advantages. In a joint effort, we have created a new thermal block based on lightweight concrete and an efficient, pre-cut EPS insulation block.

– The Leca thermal blocks feature pre-cut EPS, which means that workers don’t have to cut the EPS on-site. This saves time and means that EPS fragments aren’t spread into the environment, says Morten Christensen at IBF.

Thanks to BEWI’s modern machinery, the blocks are also longer. This saves time as fewer blocks have to be fitted and adjusted. Worker’s backs are also spared, as smaller blocks are often manually put into place while these are fitted with a crane.

A smarter block

The innovative sandwich block is designed for the top part of the EPS to be manually separated. This enables easy installation of the radon barrier. The lower inner wall of the block allows for casting of the concrete floor all the way into the insulation block.

The block is the result of close cooperation where both IBF and BEWI have focused on the benefits of IBF’s customers. BEWI continuously works with customers to innovate and design new solutions that push the limits of what’s possible. And offer customers a competitive edge.

– This is precisely what BEWI is about. We love to work together and develop unique and innovative solutions to meet the demands of our customers, says Peter Mogensen, Account Manager at BEWI.

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