Focus on food safety

Our factory in Hobro has been ISO22000 certified. The certification applies to all hygiene wrapped packaging for the food industry. See ISO22000 Certificate


We’re happy to share these good news with you! Our factory in Hobro, which produces molded EPS products, has been ISO22000 certified. The certification applies to all hygiene wrapped packaging for the food industry.

ISO22000 contains a complete certification scheme for food safety systems in companies and helps manufacturers to handle risk management and quality techniques. We show with the certificate that we work systematically and in a structured manner with risks within food safety, and that we are committed to continuous improvements.

We are proud of this external seal of quality, where the requirements go beyond current legislation. This means that we ensure you packaging that more than meets the current requirements and that you thus have a competent partner who does not compromise on food safety for the benefit of both you and your customers.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our EQS Manager Marianne Fiirgaard Nielsen on +45 72 15 79 71. The certificate can be downloaded from our website

Sustainable solutions

Sustainability has come to the top of the agenda and we are really happy about that at BEWI. We are because we are not only sustainable in our food industry solutions, but also because they do not compromise on food security at the same time.

Packaging in EPS consists of 2% raw material and 98% air, which means the least possible use of raw material. They have a high insulation effect, which ensures an erupted cooling chain all the way from the manufacturer to the end customer, and thus we help to reduce food waste. They are hygienic and with the new certification this can be documented directly to your customers.

And when the packaging is used, we collect it and send it to BEWI Circular in Thisted, where it is recycled 100%. Then we produce new EPS raw material, consisting of 100% recycled material, which is used for new packaging and in this way we are the only ones in Europe to have closed the loop.

If you want to hear more about BE Sustainable in BEWI, you are welcome to contact our EQS Coordinator Sebastien Bouchara on +45 72 15 79 09.


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