EPS saves lives

EPS protects against impact and insulates from heat, cold, moisture and cold. The EPS parts made by BEWi Plastimar in Portugal also helps to save worldwide lives.

A lifesaving buoy

U-Safe is a lifesaving buoy made by the Portuguese company Noras Performance. The U-shaped buoy is operated by remote control, which means that a person on shore or a boat – can steer it to someone in the water to transport her or him to safety. As time is crucial in any rescue situation, U-Safe is lightweight and small (100 x 80 x 20 cm) so it can be thrown quickly into the water. U-Safe also have the added benefit that it keeps rescue teams safe, since they don’t have to go into the water.

U-Safe is powered by electric turbines, that give it a range of 3 miles, 40 minutes operating time and a 200 kilo workload. It goes without saying that it’s crucial that the turbines keep working even in rough seas and harsh weather. They need to be protected, and BEWiSynbra is part of the solution.

BEWI Plastimar in Portugal supply Noras Performance with an EPS part that protect and separates the electronic plate from the rest of the device, and the EPS covers that protect U-Safe from dust, shocks and scratches during transportation.

NORAS Performance considered that EPS properties fulfill the requirements they need, especially on the protection and shock absorption. So, they decided, in cooperation with BEWI Plastimar, to develop and to go ahead with both projects.

As the EPS is 98% air, the parts weigh almost nothing, and they are 100% recyclable. It is essential that the buoy arrives unharmed – so it can keep saving people’s lives.

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