BEWI Aberdeen To Supply Waxed Boxes

From 1 May 2024, BEWI Aberdeen will stock and supply solid board, waxed boxes to customers.

Waxed boxes can be supplied alongside BEWI EPS (expanded polystyrene) boxes or as stand-alone items.

“Our waxed boxes are ideal for packaging sea food and fish and can be used for transporting fish or meat in a chilled supply chain,” explains James Mead, Sales Director, BEWI Packaging & Components.

The BEWI waxed boxes are certified food safe, so food can be placed directly inside the box. They work well with liners and cold or ice packs and do not deteriorate in wet or chilled situations.

BEWI Aberdeen stocks these boxes in ½ stone, 1 stone or 2 stone and whole fish sizes. They are pre-glued and delivered flat reducing the need for storage space. They are easy to erect and work well in an automated set up.

“These waxed boxes are a great packaging option,” says James, “They are waterproof and water-resistant, they can be printed with your company name or logo, and they are engineered to be suitable for kerbside recycling.

“And, now they can be ordered for next day delivery or same day collection from our BEWI Aberdeen site,” adds James.

To find out more, visit our product page or contact one of our team:

Owen Baird, BEWI sales representative;, 01224 873166

David Watt, BEWI area sales manager;, 07785 623992

Carol Lunan, BEWI commercial and logistics Manager,, 07785 623 957