Fabricated foam

First-rate protection, insulation, and fixation for packaging cushioning and much more
The meaning of Fabricated Foam

Fabricated foam means that we buy material in blocks and process it into customer-specific solutions. We mainly use EPE and PUR. Both have first-rate protection, insulation and fixating properties


Recyclable EPE

Shock absorption, separation and fixation for heavy products


Open cell PUR

Allows air and water to pass through, shock-absorbing



Shorter lead times and fast deliveries



Can be produced without advanced moulding forms and customised tools

Lower cost, faster delivery

EPE and PUR have shorter lead times and can be produced without advanced moulding forms and customised tools. This means lower costs and the potential to produce shorter series that can be delivered fast.

As you like it

Our design team will create an optimal packaging solution, based on your specified requirements, even for limited series. We make sure that the packaging fits the product perfectly in order to save both material and storage space. This also lowers transport costs and the effect on the environment. It’s a sustainable solution.

Less is more

Excellent damage protection, smaller
shipping footprint

Fabricated Foam is light and adds almost nothing to the total weight of the packaging, yet provides excellent protection against shocks and impact. It gives you first-rate cushioning combined with a smaller shipping footprint.

EPE for heavy products

EPE is 100% recyclable and the most common material for shock-absorption, separation and fixation of medium to heavy industrial products. It’s adaptable, flexible and available in black, white and antistatic pink.

PUR for the fragile

PUR has open cells, which allows air and water to pass through. This makes it perfect in furniture and mattresses, as packaging for fragile products and as shock-absorbing cushioning. Our PUR is available in grey, white and antistatic pink.