BEWI EPS construction system


BEWI’s construction system is a flexible system for walls in basements, residential houses and small houses.
BEWI construction system

Blocks stacked according to the Lego principle

The system consists of molded boards that are assembled with plastic bridges. The finished blocks are then stacked according to the Lego principle and the gaps between the cellular plastic boards are filled with concrete.

The system has low energy consumption, is quick and easy to assemble and has no thermal bridges. It results in a nice interior environment without any mould, muffles sound and is virtually maintenance-free. The molded boards have cast plastic rails, which make it easy to attach interior and exterior covers, such as polish, panel, sheet metal or brick.

We also have insulation for both wet stucco and dry wall claddings such as fiber cement panels, tiles, brick slips etc.

Many of our products are made with airpop® insulation, which scores very well on environmental performance. You’ll save valuable energy and make an environmentally responsible choice.