Sustainable produce packaging for fruit and vegetables.
Why choose single-use packaging when it's more sustainable to use and reuse?
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Improved resource efficiency

We work to keep raw materials in the loop for as long as possible and develop products with longer lifetimes.

Use less

We seek to reduce the quantity of raw materials needed in our products



Makes it easier to fit more products in each transport


Easily cleaned and can be reused over and over again

Keeping food fresh longer

Our solutions help to reduce food waste by keeping vegetables and other food fresh longer. They are also recyclable.

With our food packaging products ordered online can be packaged together with freezer or cooling units before shipment and delivered fresh. The insulation qualities of our packaging ensures that the temperature inside the box stays on the right level.

The food packaging is be stackable and can be made to specifications to fit optimally on both pallets and inside trucks. It’s also washable, so it can be re-used several times, and lightweight, which helps to lower CO2-emissions and transport costs.

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