EPP is an abbreviation of Expanded Polypropylene. The raw material for EPP is polypropylene granulate. It is already expanded during manufacturing. During expansion of EPP, recycled carbon dioxide is used. EPP has a very good shock absorbing ability, good heat resistance, and good insulation and is resistant to most chemicals. Thanks to these unique qualities, EPP has a wide area of application. To mention a few:


  • Different types of recycling systems
  • Packages for instruments, cameras etc.
  • Technical insulation
  • Car components, such as neck protection


BEWi uses ARPRO in our EPP-applications. ARPRO is an eco-friendly, flexible and incredibly versatile material designed with low weight, low energy consumption and good cushioning characteristics in mind. The material provides characteristics that handles hits through absorption, and then return to its original shape. Therefore, ARPRO is appropriate in the field of vehicle safety, and is used extensively in context where both individuals and objects need to be protected from shocks, strokes and more serious crashes. Due to its low weight, the material is also suitable for energy use. Low weight means less fuel combustion, and reduced emissions.

ARPRO is also an exceptional option for isolating and silencing industrial applications and more. Due to its conformability, the material can be used in many places where stable temperatures are required, and where noise needs to be dampened.



  • Energy absorption. The material can withstand strong shocks without affecting its load bearing structure. The low weight combined with high strength makes it a good choice for shock absorption to the automotive industry
  • Thermal insulation. ARPRO provides good insulation ability, for example, food or healthcare equipment needs to be transported at a stable temperature.
  • Recyclable. The material is 100% recyclable, and its manufacturing process requires no environmentally hazardous substances.
  • Acoustics. ARPRO absorbs noise and can therefore provide a pleasant environment in for example vehicles.