Vegetable boxes

Fruit and vegetables are goods that deserve the best possible treatment. Vegetable boxes from BEWi provide an optimal protection against shocks and blows, while they also insulate against sudden changes in temperature. They do not affect the moisture balance in the product either since the material absorbs moisture. Our large warehouse assortment of boxes for fruit and vegetable has been created based on the strict requirements from our costumers when it comes to safe transportation. When we construct packaging we also put a lot of emphasis on practical details such as stapling and transportation friendliness.


Art. nr. DescriptionExt. measure L x W x H (mm)Inner. measure L x W x H (mm)LiterNo. / package No. / pallet
915Kål600 x 400 x 175560 x 360 x 15831,855 st70 st
19202Sallad600 x 400 x 140560 x 360 x 12525,208 st112 st
923Champinjon/lök/rädisa400 x 300 x 116370 x 270 x 10310,2910 st240 st
900MHGrönsak400 x 300 x 150375 x 272 x 13713,978 st192 st
905Pepparrot265 x 200 x 75245 x 182 x 652,9016 st480 st


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