BEWi manufactures a wide assortment of packages for drugs, medicines and products that are sensitive to temperatures. The products meet strict requirements for insulation and shock absorbers and can be combined with different types of cooling agents


Art. nr.DescriptionExt. measure L x B x H (mm)Inner measure L x B x H (mm)Inner. bottom L x W (mm)ThicknessVolumeNo. / package No. / pallet
913Box nr. 1310 x 260 x 210250 x 200 x 150247x19830 mm7,50 l30 st120 st
912Box nr. 2363 x 313 x 260300 x 250 x 200293 x 24430 mm15,00 l16 st64 st
911Box nr. 3435 x 385 x 335355 x 305 x 255347 x 29640 mm27,61 l8 st48 st
910Box nr. 4575 x 480 x 355470 x 380 x 295465 x 36950 mm52,69 l4 st20 st
910AExtension / distance to the cooling box575 x 480 x 8550 mm16 st160 st
965Packaging for 48 blood collection tube286 x 120 x13850 st
984Containers for diagnostic tests270 x Ø 148175 x Ø 8284 st
981HOUPacking for diagnostic tests292 x 197 x 30
983HOUPacking for diagnostic tests305 x 255 x 105


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