Customer unique solutions

Your collaboration partner when it comes to top-notch shock absorbing packages!


BEWi can optimize your packaging management and protect the complete packaging solution. From technical design of shock absorbers to packaging, graphic design and pressure.


Far beyond standard

Our shock absorbers are always designed based on our customers’ financial requirements and the product’s need for protection. When standard will not suffice we will quickly come up with the best solution for a transition into custom made forms.


Filament cut cellular plastic

Manufactured from large blocks and cut according to your specifications. We manufacture everything from simple blocks to more complicated contours. You order the amount you need. Anything from one detail to large series.


Custom made cellular plastic products

If you need a custom made cellular plastic product we will design it for you with your product as our starting point. It can be anything from an interior in a package to a component in your product.


Own production

We have two cellular plastic factories in Sweden, Värnamo and Urshult, of which the latter is rated as one of the most modern factories in the world.

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