Coolsafe & E-trade boxes

Meat, milk, vegetables and other stapes purchased on the internet should naturally maintain their quality and freshness all the way to the dinner table. Therefore, an unbroken cooling chain is just as important as the cooling room in the grocery store. Here is where CoolSafe, created in EPS, plays an especially important role. The products can be packaged together with freezer or cooling units before being shipped. The good insulation qualities of EPS ensure that the temperature in the box stays on the right level. BEWi CoolSafe and E-trade boxes come in a variety of different sizes.


Art. nr. DescriptionExt. measure L x B x H (mm)Inner. measure L x B x H (mm)ThicknessVolumeNo. / Pallet
0333Cooling box - small with lid400 x 300 x 165350 x 250 x 11525 mm10,06 l104 st
0233Cooling box - mid with lids400 x 300 x 247350 x 250 x 19525 mm17,06 l72 st
0133Cooling box - large with lid400 x 300 x 330350 x 250 x 28025 mm24,50 l56 st
0902EPPCatering Box - EPP592 x 395 x 239530 x 331 x 17830 mm31,26 l48 st


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