Through its low weight and plasticity, EPP is very well suited for applications in the automotive industry. The automotive industry is an industry that has high requirements when it comes to quality and precision. Thanks to EPP’s qualities and BEWi’s long experience we do not only meet these requirements, but much more. The material functions as an excellent energy absorbent and can be used to e.g. improve the acoustics in a car. The most commonly occurring area of application for EPP in cars is energy absorbents in bumpers, door pillows, side collision protection, neck protection and dashboard. EPP is a material that remembers, which means that should it be altered it will quickly return to its original shape.


The majority of our sales are a result of close cooperation with customers in a variety of different industries. With a focus on sustainability and a minimum amount of material use our goal is to take you safely from idea to production. The goal is always to deliver the optimal solution in the form of functionality, design and total cost.

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