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Highly efficient PIR insulation for residential homes, offices, industry and agriculture

UNILIN insulation boards combine unique heat insulation ability with a high compressive strength, good shape stability and low weight. They are resistant to moisture, water and most construction chemicals while offering an effective protection against heat and energy loss. This makes them optimal for roof, wall and floor constructions in residential homes, offices and industrial and agricultural facilities. UNULIN insulation boards are very innovative and the quality is inspected on an ongoing basis. The boards are a valuable tool for architects, planners, developers and renovators and they are perfectly adapted to today’s strict energy and environmental requirements.

6 advantages to a PIR board

+ High insulation ability: lamba 0.022 W/mK

A heat insulation value of 0.022 W/mK makes it possible to use thinner insulation layers compared to other materials. Some materials have grooved edges to ensure an intact insulation layer without thermal bridges.

+ Robust material

Our robust and stiff boards have a high compressive strength and maintain their shape very well.

+ Simple and efficient installation

Practical format, low weight and grooved edges makes the installation process quick and smooth.

+ Guaranteed quality

Our insulation boards are CE certified. The manufacturing process is carefully supervised by an independent expert in order to guarantee a high product quality.

+ Focus on the environment

UTHERM insulation boards have an excellent environmental performance over its lifespan, which is guaranteed in an independently verified environmental declaration: The need for certificates is constantly under review.